The Devil in Cell Block C – New Weekly Facebook Comic

Because I can’t stop myself, here is the beginning of yet another tale.  Always keep yourself busy, fellow artists.  Do what you love and other’s will love you for it.  Or, at least you won’t be bored.  Here are the first two panels of The Devil in Cell Block C.  Click here to go to the Facebook Page and give it a like to follow.  Thanks in advance.  I look forward to arting all over you…er, well that sounded wrong, no?

Devil.1 Devil.2Devil.3

Now Offering EllaMental as Weekly Facebook Webcomic.

Interested in a bit of madness?  Want to see how I spend the night-time hours? (you piggy, you) Then click right here! and Like EllaMental’s new Facebook page for the latest updates on her sad, drugged and swollen life.  It will be updated every Tuesday and if you want her in chunks, there is always issue 1 that can be bought per Kindle on!  Get your Ella now!

First week of the EllaMental Webcomic.

First week of the EllaMental Webcomic.

It’s Been Awhile, Creating Art For My Children.

Coming to you in 2014.

Coming to you in 2014.

Working on Ella has twisted my mind.  If you’ve read her you know what I’m talking about.  [click here to read]  So, I thought for my next project it should Involve something A little less ‘stabby’, perhaps something that I can share with my children.  I have four of them.  Not one is old enough to read Ella.  With my final two boys under the age of three I thought that I might write and illustrate something for them.  Something that daddy can read to them at night.  Something not to long – no parents wants that – but something just right and full of cool and quirky illustrations.  Given my current and kept style, it sounded like something I could pull off well.  And, I think I have.

So, I created the cover to keep it fresh in my mind, where I next wanted to go.  I hope you like it as much as they do.  (well, the older one’s.  The youngest two just drool and smack me.)  And I hope to share with you sketches and the like as I go.  Still working on Ella, but still given this the attention it deserves.

In AT LAND’S END we travel with Sullivan Grist on an adventure to live at Grand dads house and beyond.  On one cold winter’s night, he is transported to a world named Thinggs – a world consisting of all things lost – that has been secretly nestled under the Bed-In-The-Room-At-The-End-Of-The-Hall for hundreds of years.  The journey begins Winter 2014.

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Yes it’s been a long time coming.  I’ve been waiting on Comixology to give it to the world, but it seems that they are backed up beyond their capable hands.  So, not knowing if they’d ever get around to helping publish Ella, I plopped it on Amazon for the time being (if you have a Kindle app for you iPad/iPhone you can also get the title).  The link below is for those of you who are interested in what I’ve been rambling on about.  I’ve been working hard on issue two.


Thank you for taking a look and by all means leave feedback as to what you thought of her.  Have a spectacular day, friends.

Quietly Writing w/Layout and News on Issue #1

Writing and laying out issue #2 of Ella Mental.

Writing and laying out issue #2 of Ella Mental.

I’ve been quiet as of late.  I stopped by to check in and saw that I hadn’t posted in a while and shame on me.  I hadn’t meant to neglect you but you see I’ve been writing and laying out issue two of Ella Mental.  It’s rather fun and I lose track of time.  Writing a comic – for me anyway – is like the ending of every Star Wars film.  There are a few story arcs happening at once and you have to fit them all tidy like into a single issue without forcing it down the readers throat.  It’s not as easy as it should be.  Sometimes it downright frightening.  Along with writing I also plot page layout as I go.  Then, when everything is written and scribble on the pages, I can then go back and lay down some pencils, read the book, and then start to complete it.

In other news, I’ve submitted Ella Mental Issue #1 to Comixology’s Indy Submit program and I am awaiting word on how that’s going.  Hopefully it passes inspection.  If so you all will be able to get the issue on their app either for iPhone  iPad, or any android device.  I’ve set the price at .99 cents – not bad for a new title I thought – as I wanted to keep it cheap, cheap and make it more accessible to everyone who loves the art form.  When it comes down to it, like most artists, it isn’t about the money.  It’s about creating.  I think the book is top notch and I hope you will as well.

Keep pressing on, talented ones.  Eyes wide.

Todd Alan Benevides

Sometimes You’ve Got to Ask For Help.

Digital Sketch. You Print. 35.00 Dollars. One 11X17 inch piece of art done in high quality for printing up to poster size. Anything you’d like (yes, I am just as sick and depraved as you are at times)

Anything you want, tightly sketched in pencil for you to print up to poster size.

Anything you want, tightly sketched in pencil for you to print up to poster size.

. Art will resemble (in style) Cowboy/Werewolf sketch below. Tell your friends, tell your lovers. ;)  I’m not swallowing my pride for nothing.  Time’s are tough and getting on with a new move isn’t easy or cheap.  Presently willing to whore my talents for a boost in the wallet.  I appreciate all of you for just the consideration.  Have a grand day!

Pay Want You Want #2

The Creature from the Black Lagoon.  Pay What You Want #2. Poster Print.

The Creature from the Black Lagoon. Pay What You Want #2. Poster Print.

Hi-Res Image 11X17.  Or, suitable for a poster size print with perfect clarity.  As always, pay what you think the art is worth.  Whatever that may be, just make sure to love it, hang it, and tell your friends about it.  Click on link below image to get to download page.

**Download Image Here**

All of the art that I offer is not under any circumstance meant for other purposes other than private use.  Artist retains rights to all art offered and downloaded from this site/Dropbox account.  Other than that, use it for a shirt design, print it for your wall, sleep with it framed.  It’s yours.  ;)